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There are all kinds of creatives who events: get-togethers, networking events, workshops and more. 


Be part of the creatives who community and you’ll never feel alone with your visions & dreams.

Get input, get inspired and get motivated by our community.


In the future, there will be digital creatives who memberships. With this membership, you’ll get access to exklusive events, workshops and courses. In addition, there will be resources to support you and your creativity. 

creatives who is the community of creatives who connect, create, inspire & support each other.

We believe that nothing inspires more than meeting other creatives who have big visions too. 


You probably read „creatives“ and are now wondering who qualifies as a creative – let us tell you: creativity defines the inner urge to create, romanticize and beautify the world around you. To be clear, creativity and all that it beholds, can not be categorized easily. It is defined by people who get wrapped up in their projects and designs that aim to enhance our daily life.

If your goal is to shape uniqueness with your vision and ideas, then welcome to the club, we are lucky to have you!

the next event

Do you already have plans after work? What about (re)connecting with creatives from Austria while enjoying drinks?

Welcome to the second creatives who after work get together – as we all know, creatives work all the time which is why we consider our thursday evening meet up an after work meet up. This will be a relaxed get together to (re)connect with creatives you might have already met at our previous events and enjoy a drink (or two) at PINS.

You will need to register to be part of this meet up, to make sure that there is a seat at the table for you – however this ticket also covers your welcome shot.

This event will be held in german.

& more upcoming events

Our event agenda for 2023 will be released soon – be ready.

2023 events will be even better – stay up to date by following us on Instagram and Eventbrite. 

one of the last events

The Weekend Drinks 22.10.2022 from 7:30 pm onwards – (re)connect with other creatives while you are enjoying your weekend drinks.

We all know that creatives and self-employed peeps are always working but we do think that you should take a break on the weekend. Get inspired, connected and network while enjoying the drinks of your choice at Drinx.

We are looking forward to meeting even more creatives!

You will need to register to be part of this meet up to make sure that you can take part, however the tickets are free and you will only need to cover your own drink(s).

Get your ticket, tell a friend (but be fast, there is only a limited amounts of tickets available). This event will be held in german.

Please note that this event will be captured with photos and videos for social media & our website. By registering for the event, you agree to that and give your consent to be captured too.